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Hairline lowering result by Dr. Baubac (with face showing)

Hairline lowering result by Dr. Baubac

The patient below had 3,081 grafts Fue with Dr. Baubac in our Beverly Hulls clinic to restore zones 1 and 2, to recreate and lower his hairline, close in the temples to reframe the patient’s face for a younger and more enhanced look.


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Looks quite natural with the framing. I am glad you attempt surgeries that you know can succeed instead of endangering a patients scalp and actual goal.

Dr. Baubac is amazing at facial framing and hairline design / lowering

with post op photo showing graft placement

Is he a Norwood 2 or less?

Results look quite natural and original

Thanks Guys!!

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Side view comparison

After front

Substantial change. Lucky guy! Envy him.


Here is an updated photo of this Dr. Baubac result. This patient came in this week for updated photos