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Hairline Clinic Ankara - 3100 grafts Fue - Nw 6 patient - 8 months


We are glad to show this new case.

Patient NW 6
He isn’t under Finasteride
He doesn’t use Minoxidil.
Estimated donor supply: 6000-7000 grafts

First session 3100 grafts in 3 consecutive days.
Manual extraction.

The following video shows his result after 8 months.
We are planning a second surgery to restore his crown-vertex using 1500 scalp grafts - 1500 beard grafts and 1000 chest grafts.

This case shows that a NW 6 with virgin scalp and a good donor area (scalp and BHT) can achieve a complete restoration of his bald area.


Looks like an excellent result. Is this Doctor Ozgur`s work?