Hair1 - 6400+ grafts (FUHT + scalp & beard FUSE)/ 2 year update

Patient nickname - Hair1.

Hair1 had undergone old fashioned plug grafts from some other clinic before he visited us 2 yrs ago.

He was a NW 6 stage hairloss.
In first stage, a combination of strip FUHT (4227 grafts), scalp FUSE/fue (1202 grafts) and beard hair(1019 grafts), were utilized.
By patients own choice the previous plug grafts were left untouched. The primary focus was to use scalp grafts for filling the front and top bald areas.
The remaining grafts (scalp + beard) were sprinkled at a lower density to the crown swirl area.

Hair1 is happy with the results. His next procedure recently focussed on thickening the crown and vertex areas as well as excising the plug grafts that had been left the first time.

at last, photos with a bird’s eye view ! never thought i’d see this day.

looks good considering he was norwood 6.