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Hair transplantation


Does hair transplantation work for everyone?


It works for guys who go to good doctors (lots of research and not just believing any one single source of info), have realistic expectations, have decent hair characteristics . . . and only have a small or moderate amount of hair loss to get fixed in the first place.

MPB is a snowball rolling down a hill. The younger/worse it gets started rolling, the bigger the snowball will eventually get as you grow older. Transplants cannot create more hair, they can only move your remaining hair around. There are A TON of unethical transplant docs out there who will tell you whatever you need to hear to get you into their operating room and mess up your head. You need to think for yourself. Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.


The only additions I can suggest are -

  1. Meet real past patients (ideally those that have hair characteristics similar to yours and had a similar level of hairloss)
  2. If you can not meet in person, atleast see a lot of videos.
  3. Post your pictures and information as explained at the following link on the forum.

You may also send them to contact@fusehair.com and other experienced doctors here.

Dr. A