Hair Transplant Result for 5000 grafts – Two FUE Session – HDC Medical

The patient was 31 years when he started his hair transplantation with HDC in 2014. His aim was to cover his boldness, the best way possible. His donor was average as you can see in the photos below.

HDC has proceeded with two Hair transplant Sessions as follows:
2000 grafts on 31-01 -14
2000 scalp grafts and 1000 beard grafts on 19-11-14
Total of 5000 grafts

The main aim was to maintain the donor in the best way possible so as to be able to take more grafts if needed to cover more area in the future. HDC had promised the patient that with two surgeries, his result will be natural and adequately covered and leaving the donor, both scalp and beard, not depleted for at least one more session.

You can see the result for yourself and evaluate if the patient goals have been met.

Additionally we want to inform the readers of the presentation of this result, that we have lounged a new website in March 2017 on this link:

Also we just published a new article on Avoiding Depletion in the Donor Area which you can read on this link: Hair Transplants HDC - Avoid scarring & Donor Depletion in FUE


Immediately after 1st transplant

After 1st transplant

Immediately after 2nd transplant

Result after 5000 grafts

WOW, I was scrolling and scrolling and when I finally got to the bottom and saw his hairline photos , NICE !!! I wasn’t expecting that.

Good result and good honest pics, most clinics would not show that the crown is still bald.