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Hair transplant process - Promed Clinic 4700 grafts - sedation

I had a hair transplant at Promed Clinic last year. My hair was falling out on the front and sides of my head.
I think I’m even late for a hair transplant, because they did it very well, I said why didn’t I have it before.
The most impressive thing for me is that they transplanted according to my natural hairline, my self-confidence has increased. I couldn’t even go out before. I can recommend Promed to everyone, I am satisfied. The price was not too high, but their experience was great.

Let me briefly talk about the process; I started researching when I noticed a gap in my hair for the first time. I thoroughly learned which method works for what and how it should be done. After that, I talked to a few places. In the end, I chose the clinic that I was most confident about in the price range I determined and went and interviewed.
Of course, I called first and got information. Then they set the date and the action was taken.
At first, something is not understood, you are worried whether it will hold or not. The clinic does the first wash after 2 days, you learn how to wash it etc.
Then a couple of months passed and hair loss begins. I remember being extremely panicked when I saw the spills for the first time. I was very scared thinking that the hair transplant didn’t work, but it was normal shock shedding. Afterwards, the hair came out again, but the whole process takes a period of 9 months, 1 year.
Then it turned out exactly as I wanted. I was very satisfied, I liked it.
The clinic in Istanbul. They met me at the airport.

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what did you mean sedation? They put you out during the procedure?

Sedation is the administration of a sedative drug to create a calm state. That’s why I didn’t feel pain.

What s so unusual about that? Are you saying that getting fue hair transplant done at other clinics is painful?

Most people think that hair transplant is painful. They do sedation on request. I just wanted to share my experience. I was satisfied with all transactions from the first moment

@blicsar20 this is actually interesting, so the clinic gave you a pill for the surgery instead of giving you anesthesia with a needle ?

there was a misunderstanding. A sedative was administered intravenously before local anesthesia. This is a painless procedure. Afterwards, I was given local anesthesia and felt no pain. It was done in order not to feel the pain of the local anesthesia injection.

This is a great method. I’m thinking of having a hair transplant in Turkey, I researched a few clinics. This clinic was also on my mind. I’m afraid of pain, so I prefer sedation. Do you have contact information?

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