Hair Transplant Outcome with 4000 Grafts Across NW5 Zone – HDC Hair Clinic

We present the case of a 50-year-old individual who underwent a second FUE hair transplant. Previously, he received approximately 2800 grafts at a different clinic. Over time, as his natural hair thinned, his baldness became increasingly noticeable.

The Patient was seeking to establish a denser hairline but keep the same height and improve overall density. He approached us with the goal of enhancing coverage throughout the Norwood class 5 region. The complexity of his case was heightened by his prior FUE procedure and the presence of gray hair. Despite these challenges, we successfully harvested 4000 grafts from his donor area. We meticulously utilized the entire donor region, ensuring an even distribution of extractions to maintain a natural appearance without depleting the donor site.

The result is presented 10 months after.

The strategic placement of the 4000 grafts over a substantial area yielded very good results. The enhanced density and, most importantly, the natural look of the transplant met our client’s expectations and exemplified our commitment to excellence in hair restoration.


Immediately after

1 Month after

10 Months after