Hair Transplant in Turkey for an Aussie - Diamond Hair Clinic - Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu

Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu and his team were fantastic for someone who was nervous to travel from Sydney to Istanbul for a complex procedure. It starts with great communication and honest advice.

When you arrive everything is taken care for you. Meeting Dr Mehmet and his team you feel very comfortable as his english is good and the clinic looks amazing.

The procedure is not simple and I’m really glad that throughout the 9 hour procedure i had a doctor who could help me and walk me through it.

Afterwards is where im glad i choose this place, he continually talks to me through whatsapp. He has given me meds and vitamins that were included in the price.

Overall, if your gonna choose a hair clinic, don’t be silly and choose a doctor for this surgery. And if your looking for doctors you’ve come across a fantastic doctor with Dr Mehmet.

Well Turkey is very much renown due to the hair transplant surgery across to golobe …

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Patient Reviews:

Clinic Adress: Meşrutiyet, Hacı Mansur Sk. 2-38, 34363, Istanbul - Turkey

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