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Hair transplant in lichen planus

hello everyone.
I am 35 years old and had lichen planus few years back and was on medication;however, my disease been inactive and i am not on medication since five years. My frontal area and parietal area has minimal scarring. I am interested in hair transplant by FUE technique.Kindly guide me.

Be VERY careful with your search. Few doctors understand LPP and many will give you inaccurate assessments. Hair restoration is possible with LPP but the procedure itself can induce a new flare up. Ask for validation from anyone you consult with as to why they feel they can perform an HT successfully for you. Have you considered a quality hair system or shaving your head? Both may be better options.

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I don’t think FUE can help if the area is mostly made up of scars that are void of blood circulation.

Scars tissue is not devoid of blood circulation. Stick a pin in one and you’ll see and it has been shown that when scar tissue is “needled” enough, or has grafts placed, the circulation improves and grafts can grow fine. In fact, I’ve seen some rather stellar cases where a result grew in faster, stronger and with a super high yield in scar tissue that was quite thick.

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This is high risk. I would suggest you will probably have a bettter cosmetic result with hairsystem. These days they have excellent ones. Check out fouseytube on youtube. He has a system and it looks decent with a fade haircut. It may save you a lot of heartache.

I had FUE and it’s a nightmare to be a repair patient. You definitely do not want to induce a flareup with a procedure as your grafts in donor are limited and not infinite. Best of luck to you.

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So you used to have hair there before you got the disease?

Why is it so difficult for doctors to get good yield in scar tissues then?

I think it comes down to each situation as it is a highly variable procedure only because of the varying sources of donor that are used and the various levels of skill when trying such procedures. Maybe they try to put too many in too soon, or maybe they just aren’t good at FUE (assuming that is the procedure used). But back to the point, scar tissue is not devoid of blood circulation so that isn’t the reason.

Try Dr. Arvind’s clinic in Mumbai and see if he can help you. He had done hair transplant for someone suffering from lupus before and may offer some advice.

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