Hair transplant for patients in the UK - what to consider - live stream

Live stream - open to all whether you are a UK patient or not. You will benefit from this live stream whether you are a patient from the UK or not.
Feb 16, 2023 - at 19:00 GMT (UK)

What patients in the UK should be aware of when considering hair transplant procedure.

Among some of the topics covered by this live stream are:

-How patients can get reliable information and seek ethical surgeons – ISHRS/BAHRS

-What is the definition of “Black Market”

-What are the benefits to patient in getting a hair transplant surgery

-What is the difference between cosmetic and medical hair transplant surgery

-What should patients in UK beware of when considering hair transplant surgery

-Harry Wallop, a prominent Journalist in the UK, will share his experience of going overseas for an investigative report

-What can be delegated to non-doctors

-What should patients expect from the doctor (and clinic) in terms of ethics

-What are the red flags in social media advertising

Plus a selection of patients will share their experiences at clinics where surgery is delegated to non-doctors.

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