Hair Transplant at Eugenix

I had undergone hair transplant at Eugenix Gurgaon centre in December 2020.
Total 3500 grafts were transplanted in the crown+hairline. The transplant was done by Dr Arika, and she has done a great job. She was helpful in explaining the process and also told me what I can expect from the procedure. It was a painless experience and hopefully we will see a head full of hair in the next few months.
It has been 4 months now and the shedding phase is over. sharing the results post 4 months.

Completed 5 months now. The coverage area has increased. Hoping to see more density in the coming few weeks.
Sharing some pictures

For 5 months post op it looks good. Keep updating us with your progress

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Completed 6 months of transplant. Sharing my progress here.

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The upclose hairline shot looks the best, it looks soft and natural, way better than most other Indian clinics I have seen.

Did you have FUE done with Eugenix?

Can I see what your hair looks like now almost 8 months after your hair transplant?

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Sharing my 9 months results.
I had undergone transplant on 30th December 2020.
The results are amazing in the hairline area. Still waiting for the full growth in crown area.
Hoping to see good growth in crown area in the next few months.
I am taking Finastride once a week.

Results after 12 months
Hi all, sharing my hair transplant result after 12 months.
I had undergone 3500 grafts, 1500 for hairline and 2000 for crown from Eugenix Gurgaon centre. The results are very nice. I am sharing the pictures here. I will also visit the centre in January to take some better pictures and advise from the doctors.