Hair tranplant photos: total 7500 grafts

I just want to say beforehand that pictures of transplants posted by doctors usually tend to be deceiving because of the lighting conditions they use.
So I decided to take pictures of my transplant with different lighting conditions

I would classify them as follows:

1- Regular neon lights: These tend to show transplants much better than they usually are and tend to hide a lot of the problems. And they are what most doctors use

2- Warm yellow light bulbs: They show more of the problems but still they tend to give a unifying look.
3- Sunlight
4- Spotlight: These are usually placed in most shops, malls, supermarkets, and they show the hair in the worst position. they show all the problems in transplants such as bumps, anglulation, fullness of hair.
Most of us spend a lot of time in these places and it is sometimes embarrassing.

My transplant history

  1. Bosley 900fuht
  2. Dr. A 2200 fue
  3. Dr. A 2200 fue
    2009 Dr. A 2200 fue