Hair Loss Treatment Gave Me Gender Identity Disorder, Claims Father of One

A male-to-female transgendered father-of-one claims to have suffered from a condition known as gender identity disorder as a direct result of his treatment for male pattern baldness.

William McKee, a 38 year software engineer who now goes by the name of Mandi, began taking a generic version of the drug Propecia (finasteride), an enzyme that depletes testosterone from the body in order to halt the onset of hereditary baldness. Finasteride is an FDA approved treatment both for male pattern baldness (MPB) and for enlarged prostate, otherwise known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

One of the well documented side-effects of Finasteride is sexual dysfunction, in some cases resulting in severe and permanent inability to have or hold an erection.

According to Mandi, several months after taking the pills daily, she says she noticed that her body was becoming more feminine.

The pills were ordered over the internet, and though Mandi admits she did not know what she was taking, she claims that she did ‘research it thoroughly’, and that the Indian manufacturing plants had been approved by the FDA.