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Hair Istanbul Clinic (Dr.Erkam Caymaz) 5450 Grafts - Sapphire Fue Technique

Hello Everyone!

I had a Hair Transplantation in Hair Istanbul Clinic in the end of September, I used this forum for gathering information and making my decision so I’ll post my progress here. Last result is only 4 months.

Although most people learn from this clinical colleagues I meet a lot of admiring the publication said that American surgeon working in Turkey.

My stay in the clinic was very pleasant. There are already a number of very detailed posts here about the procedure at Hairstanbul. Also, everyone at the clinic seemed very busy.

Dr. Caymaz opened my hair channels one by one using both hands.

Why did I choose Hair Istanbul Clinic and Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ?
I did a lot of clinical research. In most of them, either the doctor did not perform the operation or the people they said were not doctors / surgeons. Most famous companies are in Istanbul in that way. In addition, a surgeon can perform a maximum of 2 operations in 1 day, and no more. Most clinics perform 10-35 operations a day, which is not possible for a real doctor to deal with such patients. Dr.Cinik or Dr.Acar I researched them all the same way. That’s why I preferred Dr. Caymaz. He is interested and opened all my channels one by one with Safir Fue Technique. (I shared too this article some pages for information.) Their website is: Hairstanbul.com

My details:

American, 33 years old. My hairline started receding when I was 22

Total donor capacity estimated by Caymaz was 8500 grafts. My HT involved 5450 grafts.

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