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Hair-growth-promoting solution containing chlorine dioxide


Hair-growth-promoting solution containing chlorine dioxide, preparation methods and using methods thereof

Inventor - LIUXUEWU

Completed the 1st cycle and 10 days. I see a few hairs to emerge. The inventor claims to be the cure.



Completed two cycles and 10 day break.

This looks promising …:slight_smile:


This looks promising …:slight_smile:


Habemus hi! I hope you succeed. Where did you this stuff? Did you make this solution yourself?



No, nooo! I received a sample of a Chinese.
You can follow in another forum

Hair Loss Help - you know that, right?

LIUXUEWU is the guy’s name.

see you soon


You’re quite bald you idiot. Now stop spamming the boards with you stupid high contrast, low lighting photos which show nothing more than the fact that your 1)bald 2)old and 3)pushing snake oil. You’ve managed to muck up Theboldtruth forums with your nonsense and now you’re bringing it here. Get lost



My success cause very jealous





Today, I will start the 3rd cycle (20 + 10).

A NW7 not need pics BEFORE (is bald )

A roundup of several positions where I see results.

See you soon


Hi Habemus;LIUXUEWU says 250 USD for one year use. Do you know how ml it is? Howmany bottles he sent? Do you use it twice a day? I am bald at Norwood scale 6-7, he says that if I use it 2 years, my scalp can be full of hair, what do you think about it? And he says after 2 years after the end of growing all hair, I will not have to use it all of my life. But he couldn’t send a photo of somebody who had grown hair after 2 years. I am following your process. If you reply me I will be glad. Thanks in advance.



Do you think dear? Do the math to other products that never result.
No need minox, fin, dut, never !!!

Use 1x day (20 consecutive days) (10 days off) = 1 cycle

A box contains 3 bottles (you use 3 or 5 drops of each bottle) .A box gives for 6 cycles, His case, like mine, can be time consuming. 1 year of treatment may be sufficient, I assume.

I’m enjoying this lotion, but I will not influence anyone.
The risk is your account :slight_smile:

http://hlh.me/ (There are other people here who see the test link)


Good luck! :slight_smile:



In previous placement forgot to say that you can wash one hours after applying.

3 drops, drops 5 or 8 or 10, depends on the area to fill

At the moment I use 3 drops.



Thank you Habemus. I will follow the new pictures of persons and then decide to use it. If you send your results sometimes, I will be glad.



You can follow my progress here.



Habemus, thanks for photos. but can you send your photos showing the bigger part of your head. You know only a part of your head and it is not comparable. Thanks in advance. I will follow your process 2-3 months and then I will decide to use it or not.


Here you can see the latest update

(Ps: illiterate English (google translation)



I stopped the placing on Hlh.me

May continue to see the evolution of this treatment on the site:

There is a new update



Start today the 4th cycle with CD Liu lotion
I put this picture exclusively for this site

See you soon!


I come to share with you these pictures of my current income.

Thank you


Photo 15 days of the 4th cycle