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Hair Growth Apparatus patent


Anyone know what this is?

Some of the identifying information on here is in Dutch, but the text of the patent is in English.


It looks like they cite the Pilogics LP patent near the bottom of the page, but this isn’t the Pilogics patent itself.

Can anyone translate the Dutch parts?

I believe this was a patent for some kind of device to help hair grow in depilation patients (although that doesn’t seem to make sense), and it was abandoned for lack of payment of fees.


At he bottom of the site: referenced by: Pilogics L.P.
Quoted from patent: WO2013084189A2 —> Pilogics L.P.

Legal incidents: SEP 3rd 2013 Expired due to failure to pay maintenance fee

Looks not very good


looks more like an apparatus to destroy hair.

heat generator…