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Hair Cubed VS Toppik VS Derma Match ... The Fight?


I want to let you know the differences of the most popular products in the market for people with hair loss or thinning hair like me because I’ve tried everything when I mean everything I mean anything to make my confidence back. today I will talk about 3 different products Hair Cubed, Toppik, and Derma Match. I would like to mention that we do not have interest in these companies, so this is just to help you work thru thinning hair. We have 3 different products. That you can camouflage, you’re thinning hair areas. So let’s start with our
1st product Hair Cubed www.haircubed.com/ is considered one of the most expensive in the market. But at the same time it is a product that you can’t count on because it’s made with Organic ingredients. That attaches to every strand of my hair very easy to use all you need to do is spray and brush. And also style as you wish, it can resist from water and perspiration and it’s organic. They offer 11 shade, each can last approximate. 2-5 months the only down side of it it’s a little over my budget and comes in one size but like I said before anything to gain my confidence back. Now let’s start with
2nd product Toppikwww.toppik.com , it’s a powdery product almost like dust fibers. It comes in a few different sizes. It appears as if it bonds to your hair creating a dark density to cover your bald spots or thinning hair. the only problem with toppik is that it sometimes a little messy and leaves spots on my scalp and in summer when it’s hot and you sweat it comes off and if you don’t shower daily when using the product it blocks the roots from breathing it can be very helpful but be aware one you apply make sure you wash it off. So now our
3rd Product Derma matchwww.dermmatch.com comes as a paint color disk. It comes in 8 colors. It camouflages’ the scalp so the difference between a hair color and the color of the scalp is less noticeable there for the color doesn’t shine or the light doesn’t reflect upon the scalp so the hair and the scalp match. The down side about derma match is that the product has to be removed daily so your pores can breath.
So now let me rate these products Hair Cubed I definitely think it’s a good product but a bit expensive 4.8 stars, our 2nd product which is toppik I give 2.9 stars because it leaves spots on my scalp and it’s not water proof, and our final product derma match is 2.5 stars because after all it is a paint disk.

Good luck !


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