H&W HD Video/Dr. Hasson/3560 Grafts/Traction Alopecia/One Year/Strip

Traction alopecia. This is hair loss caused by continued traction on hair follicles on any part of the scalp causing eventual and permanent hair loss. For women it is usually caused by many years of constantly pulling the hair back into some sort of tight ponytail. For men, particularly East Indians, it is common among young Sikh males when wearing the “Patka”. It is very tight on the scalp and because it is worn for several years the areas of highest tension usually become very thin or completely skin bald such as the case for this patient.

Canada and Vancouver in particular have a large East Indian population so Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong see cases like this on a fairly regular basis. Hairline work is usually included but it always involves reconstruction of not only the temple points (left, right or both) but also the entire area behind the temple point into the region near and around the ear(s). This is one such case.

Dr. Hasson transplanted 3560 grafts in one session to reconstruct the hairline and both temple points and the areas behind. The result shown in one year post-op.

Click the link below to view the HD video of this patient.

H&W HD Video/Traction Alopecia Repair/Dr. Hasson/3560 Grafts