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Guys, Come buy my ACNE CREAM. Its a miracle cure for acne


In private testing with kids in my subdivision, my SUPER ZIT CREAM was very effective in trials and SIGNIFIGANTLY reduced the amount of pimples on kids faces that I prestimulated by having them wash their faces in anti-bacterial soap and sunbathing for 20 minutes a day at 6 and 12 weeks.

Ive chosen not to release any of the pictures of them before my zit cream application or after the 6 and 12 week test period. You will just have to trust that my zit cream is SIGNIFIGANTLY better than Accutane, Stridex pads, and Oxy creams at the drugstore. Im not going to pay for any large tests on it, so someone will have to pay me tens of millions of dollars for me to do any more testing on my zit cream, but if you make me a big enough offer, I’ll sell it to you and you can put it on the market right away as it SIGNIFIGANTLY reduces acne in mere weeks

Sorry about not taking before and after pictures…you will just have to take my word that these brats have SIGNIFIGANTLY less pizza-face zits than they did before. Ive been working on my zit cream for about 8 years, so rest assured its great.


LOL. Okay, I’ll take your acne cream since there’s no other sh*t on the market…


Im not trying to get on my hairloss pals nerves (all of you guys whom Ive commiserrated on this board over the last few years with), but Im pissed off goddammit!!!

They know alot of men have been closely following this technology. Its been YEARS now, all of the 00’s. 8 good years since we were told that HM was gonna come to pass sooner rather than later. We havent been shown even one good picture of a man before and after a treatment. Over at the HT forum you will see tons of good pictures. Sure they show HT’s limitations, but they are clear and well-lit, and some even have entire videos that accompany them. The owe us some -evidence- that they have had some success. There is nothing that kept them from shooting up the entire frontal lobe of a man with this and seeing if he could really regrow SIGNIFIGANT hair. But we have been treated with smoke and mirrors, and I couldn’t be more pissed off. Im pissed off at all of them. Washenik, ICX, Phoenixbio. I wouldn’t invest a dime in this now.



ps. signifigantly !