Great news regarding Arimidex

Thought Id give you guys an update regarding my recent addition of Arimidex to my regimine. I had been experiencing mild gyno while on .5mg Dut EOD and then .5mg every 3 days. Being that I do not like man-boobs I decided to order some Arimidex…been taking it for about 2/3 weeks now…gyno/swelling is gone sex drive is great and overall attitude/mood has improved…so overall great results for me…can’t see why not to take it with DUT if you are experiecing sides and can afford it.

I started taking 1mg per day for 3 days.
Then .5mg per day for 4 days.
Now I take .5mg of Armidex with each .5mg of Dut which is once every 3 days.

Hair is going great right now…absolutely minimal shedding…hoping for some major regrowth to kick in over the next month or two…will post some pics soon…complete regimine is:

Spectral DNC (2mil) 1x per day
Rogaine Foam (2x ammount) 1x per day
Folligen + Emu Oil 1x per day (taking a few days off once and a while)
Nizoral 1x per day
Jason Thin to Thick Shampoo
Jason Biotin Conditioner
LLLT Therapy 10 minutes EOD

Internals: DUT every third day
.5mg of Armidex every third day
Maxi Hair Multivit 2 pills 1x per day
3000mg MSM 1x per day
Detox Tea 1x per week

I’m just sooo happy my sides from DUT are gone!!!