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Great news regarding Arimidex


Thought Id give you guys an update regarding my recent addition of Arimidex to my regimine. I had been experiencing mild gyno while on .5mg Dut EOD and then .5mg every 3 days. Being that I do not like man-boobs I decided to order some Arimidex…been taking it for about 2/3 weeks now…gyno/swelling is gone sex drive is great and overall attitude/mood has improved…so overall great results for me…can’t see why not to take it with DUT if you are experiecing sides and can afford it.

I started taking 1mg per day for 3 days.
Then .5mg per day for 4 days.
Now I take .5mg of Armidex with each .5mg of Dut which is once every 3 days.

Hair is going great right now…absolutely minimal shedding…hoping for some major regrowth to kick in over the next month or two…will post some pics soon…complete regimine is:

Spectral DNC (2mil) 1x per day
Rogaine Foam (2x ammount) 1x per day
Folligen + Emu Oil 1x per day (taking a few days off once and a while)
Nizoral 1x per day
Jason Thin to Thick Shampoo
Jason Biotin Conditioner
LLLT Therapy 10 minutes EOD

5.mg DUT every third day
.5mg of Armidex every third day
Maxi Hair Multivit 2 pills 1x per day
3000mg MSM 1x per day
Detox Tea 1x per week

I’m just sooo happy my sides from DUT are gone!!!