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Great Hair Transplant Surgeons - All #1


We sometimes take for granted how far we’ve come to putting baldness a thing of the past. Baldness, both male and female, effects us to different degrees. To some it’s a minor glitch in the road to others it is as devastating as losing a limb or a part of yourself. To those who do not experience balding a hair transplant is a mere joke to them. It’s easy for them to say “are you kidding me, you’re fine”. Most don’t understand balding is just as devasting as someone unable to smile due to horribly crooked and oversized teeth, or any other physical abnormality. Hopefully as time goes by, men and woman who have undergone Hair Transplants can come out in the open and announce it without ridicule - just like someone who fixed a crooked nose or crooked teeth can. Thankful to HT surgeons today each and everyone of us experiencing balding can have our goals accomplished, our public embarrassment halted, and our self-confidense returned.

Whether it’s a minor touch-up to a total restoration, in all fairness, I believe the top surgeons in this world each have a special area they acheive unique and A+ results in.

CIT - For least amount of grafts produces excellent natural looking hairlines.

Dr Umar - Unique for his emphasise in Body FUE Transplants producing better and better results especially mixed with donor hair. I will be personally looking into this with dr Umar in the future to mix with donor hair for my crown and vertex (can’t take dut for life!), as I’d like to use most of my donor in my hairline and vertex.

Dr Hasson & Wong - Ever since Dr Armani stopped performing Strip surgeries, I think Drs Hasson & Wong are untouchable when it comes to Strip hair transplants. Phenominal results.

Dr Alvi Armani - Producing the best FUE hair transplants over all in the hair transplant industry today. Not one clinic can match Armani’s natural and dense packed looking hairline with a touch of his artistic work in temple angles and closures - along with his 100% dedication and specialization in FUE transplants only.

This is why research is so imperative for all Hair Transplant prospects. To find out where they are with their hair loss, where they are heading with their hair loss, what their expectations are now and in the future, and their budget to choose the right surgeon to meet their goals.