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Goodness gracious me


In a previous thread I detected a smug sarcastic tone with some reference to oz. But I meant no offence to India, despite loosing the cricket.
One thing about beard hair. Removal should be below the jawline in case pock mark scarring occurs. Its good to avoid potential problems.
Dr woods


Very good point Dr. Woods. I have this gut feeling(could be wrong but geneally speaking across a large number of humans) that if you look at a human from head to toe. The hair quality and robust hair quality increases as you move from foot to the head. The closer to the head the better. I mean this might be common sense but until you actually have your hands/eyes with microscope on a leg, abdomen, chest, facial, neck, and then a true scalp hair do you realize the full appreciation of the different hairs characteristics as you graduate to the scalp:-) :wink: .