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GNC Saw Palmetto Formula for Hair Fall Treatment



I have been using GNC Saw Palmetto formula for over two weeks now (Its ingredients include- Saw Palmetto 500mg, Pumpkin seed meal powder 50mg, Pygeum bark powder 50mg, Lycopene 1mg). I observed a slight increase in hair fall after this. This is actually a Prostrate health formula, but I am using this to contain my hair fall as all the ingredients are also used for hair fall treatment. Please advise me on continuing this medication.



I have used it as well, if you want medical advice you should see your doctor.

For my hair, Saw Palmetto did very little. Saw Palmetto is the natural supplement form of propecia, and has about 1/10th of the effect of blocking DHT.

If it is the only DHT blocker you use you will most likely keep thinning.


been using saw palmetto off and on for years with no luck. getting on propecia next week. you may want to try taking the saw palmetto standardized form by itself instead of one of the versions that has all that other stuff in it. did nothing for me still though. others may be different, but who knows. out of the 5 or 6 years i been coming to this site seems more guys are having luck with propecia.