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Giving Biotin / L-Arginine / Horsetail a try


12 years ago, I was on this board as NW2. We did a whole month to month pictorial of the Avodart growth.

After watching the youtube video from this thread, I decided to give his method a try :

1- Avodart continues to work even after 11+ years.
2- I’m still a NW2 although I might have lost another 5% since 2001.
3- I take 1 pill of Avodart every week. 4 pills a month.

4- I’m NOT going to add minoxidil – but instead – will add L-Arginine based on my own research. If there are no results, I will follow exactly as the youtube video and order the ScalpMed solution.

5- Starting May 2nd 2013 [ 1 pill a day of each as recommended ]

adding ingredient [ dosage, also contains ]

  • Horsetail [ Horsetail Herb, 500mg, Gelatin, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Plant fiber ]
  • Biotin 5 mg [ Rice flour, gelatin ]
  • L-Arganine 900mg [ Gelatin, Silica, Magnesium Stearate ]

Correction : Biotin 5mg / day

Swanson is a good company ??
biotin 5mg 100 caps for only $3.59 ???

there are like 150+ reviews for each product line and mostly 5-star. the only people that complained were the ones that said, "I tried it for 3 weeks and it didn’t do anything’.

normally, herbal remedies are crazy talk, but the reviews speak volume on amazon and the company website. faster hair growth is a good starting step.

I bought 1 years supply, $67.

Thanks for playing test subject on this. Please, keep us updated!

UPDATE : July 25

About 1.5 weeks shy of 3 months on this combination + Dutasteride (12+ years).


  • Things were stable while on Dutasteride for the last decade, now shedding way more than normal.
  • I usually keep my hair #4-#5 on top, I could see so much scalp in the front, I’ve taken it down to #2 and it looks patchy.


  • I get an erection almost every morning. Dustasteride significatly destroyed getting erections. I think L-Arganine or Horsetail is doing something extremely well for this problem.

Of course I will continue for 7-8 months more… shedding or not. On one hand, I am excited because I haven’t had a shed like this since I started Finasteride almost 14+ years ago. Then it stopped working and then I jumped to Dutasteride and shedding was intense month 3-6 with thicker hair at the 1 year mark. So let’s see what happens.

Approaching 5 months. No positive change for hair, at all.

my last post on this thread. approaching 6 months and I made a mistake.

The Good

  • sexual function increased a fair bit the first 4-5 months and I found myself to be more horny in general. but this went from ‘viagra like erections 10x a day’ --> ‘normal’ now.

The Bad

  • It is a very bad idea for hair and I’ll tell you why. It gives you false positives because I believed it would work in the beginning and I actually cut back on my dosage of Dutasteride (because it can increase risk of prostate cancer in some people and my balls have been hurting for the last 3-4 years which is a very scary prospect). So I cut back on dutasteride to just 2 pills per month. I noticed my crown started thinning fast. My hairline also experienced diffuse thinning in the last 6 months. Had I not cut back on dutasteride and continued to take 6-8 pills per month like the last 13 years I would have been fine).

  • It grows your nails faster (which is nothing positive for men). I do a lot of running and found my longer nails on my feet started rubbing against the skin of the next toe. I’d take off my shoes and have these blisters and drops of blood. So i have to cut my nails more often which I don’t like doing.

  • I think my skin got worse, not better. I’ve always had remarkable skin. Skin of a 20-22 year old while I’m near 37 now. My parents are in their early 70’s and they have amazing skin. Mine recently went south [ and I don’t do anything different like more sun etc ].

All this being said… I will continue to take these pills many years into the future because I love that the sexual function has had a net increase. I’m not happy about the skin issue, not happy about the nails and the hair is a complete write-off now.

The last 14 years on this board taught me a lot.

a) had i not started balding, I would have never hit the gym like I do. for my age, I have a really good body and I truly feel half my age.

b) by having a hot body and thin hair, my ego was kept in check. I also met my wife in Spain who looks like a ‘typical’ super model. I got her because of my confidence (or overcompensation of working extra hard on keeping my body fit – my body is like John Stamos, thin, lean but of course without the awesome hair).

c) my wife told me she couldn’t care less if I have hair or not (the amazing thing about evolution, that the female doesn’t necessary need the physical but instead puts a disproportionate amount of weight on the emotional connection).

d) any solution that is a hair transplant or an implant is a FAIL. the actual damage you do to your skin can cause headaches, mini cysts and if not done right years of withdrawal and agony). I tried it once and will regret it for the rest of my life because I hate scars. that being said, it helped me get to today.

e) any solution that involves taking pharmaceutical pills is also a FAIL. Sexual side effects can’t be exchanged for great hair.

[ if Steve Jobs focussed his mind on this instead of technology ]

THE SOLUTION would be at a microscopic cellular level. It would have to be something as elegant as using a shampoo daily, minimally invasive and something that packs a punch within 3-4 months. I will now wait for that day.


my friend the arginine gives you that you are saying
i ALSO sometimes use arginine with finasteride and i see difference

7.5 Month update.

No stellar results. Although it made my existing diffuse thinning hair a touch more healthy. Existing hair grows faster (maybe 1.5 x more than normal).

As far as growing new hair, this won’t happen.

thanks for the update.

2014 I’m going to add something new to my propecia/Avodart regiment as well.

not sure what however.

Approx 9 month update.

So, BIOTIN works. It doesn’t do miracles, but after 13+ years on Avodart, today was the first day, I cut my hair and every hair strand was a WINNER. Very thick, and clearly as healthy as possible.

The bad news is, it still doesn’t grow any new hair. But guys, there is something going on here… it will make your existing very healthy.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by The_Real_NW2[/postedby]
Approx 9 month update.

So, BIOTIN works. It doesn’t do miracles, but after 13+ years on Avodart, today was the first day, I cut my hair and every hair strand was a WINNER. Very thick, and clearly as healthy as possible.

The bad news is, it still doesn’t grow any new hair. But guys, there is something going on here… it will make your existing very healthy.[/quote]

Biotin is in almost all hair and nail supplements, I use lysine and have similar results as you, it doesn’t grow hair but my hair feels just so much thicker when I use lysine together with Propecia.

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