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Getting PRP with Dr. CHOI done tomorrow


Hey people, I’m getting the PRP procedure done tomorrow morning with Dr. Choi in North Vancouver, BC. I had about a 30 min consult with him a couple days ago and was able to ask him questions regarding the procedure etc. He’s a great guy, very nice etc. It was quite funny actually, he’s not too interested in hair as his passion is with skin care I think. I asked him a bunch of questions about the procedure, results etc … I guess i’ll put down what I remember. He told me he’s been getting a lot of requests recently for PRP and was wondering if it had been in the news or something. I told him of Hairsite.com and encouraged him to post here in the HM forum. He seemed interested in that so hopefully he will participate. I’ll reiterate what I remember asking him , but if you have any other questions I can ask him tomorrow or maybe he’ll come on here. ( NOTE: This is just based on my memory )

  1. How long has he been performing PRP?
  • about 8 months for hair
  1. Results?
  • hasn’t been measuring but has received good feedback from customers. About 60% report improvement
  1. Cost?
  • $450 for consult, procedure, followup
  1. Pictures?
  • Like I said, he’s not big on the promotions it seems, as he seems quite busy with all that he is doing. However , there was only one customer who has agreed to have their picture taken.

Mostly I asked him about whether it will be detectable etc… and he said no , just a bit of swelling but nothing noticable. I have a lot of hair, and am doing it for maintenance etc. He’s very open to questions though, hopefully he’ll post here!

wish me luck !