Get Ready congress just scrwed supplements , bend over and get ready

S 510
which is a virtual government takeover of the vitamin/nutritional supplement industry, which had virtually no support in congress

was quietly inserted into the “tax savings” bill that congress just approved along with the unemployment benefits. The senate sneaked it in the the last hour before their vote, and as far as I know it was not stripped out of the bill before congress approved it yesterday.

A lot of people when they see the results of this new act, will be outraged, including me. If it makes buying my supplements more difficult I will be fking pi&&ed off to the nth degree

Go Google this new law , its frightening and I fear I will not be able to purchase the supps I need, or the manufacturers will go out of business

Yes, you are correct. The FDA would love nothing better than to rid the market of natural remedies, and leave us, the people, with no other alternative but to take their (potentially fatal) drugs.

Boy, I hope that we are not headed in Europe’s direction. I read stories all the time from European posters who can’t have supplements shipped to them.