Gene Therapy for hairloss (45 day update)

Video of a recent patient who underwent Gene Therapy for hairloss.
His treatment started 45 days ago when he received the first session.
Thereafter, the patient has been using Dermaroller 1mm once every week and applying the custom Resveratrol-Grapeseed extract serum daily.
He has not used any other medication for hairloss ever.

The patient is very happy with the progress.


before after final

@Dr_A_s_Clinic no way ! for real?

What was involved in the first session?

The first session includes training the patient in correct use of dermaroller.
It also uses the GFC (growth factor concentrate from blood), Resveratrol and Grapeseed extract.
Lastly, there is counselling on how to modify the Epigenome with lifestyle, food and supplements.

Sorry, not convinced this guy sprouted more hairs. Longer hairs laying flat will cover more scalp. Did you actually do a hair count?

I agree.

With the hair at different lengths in the before and after pics it’s impossible to determine if he has grown any new hair.

Please cut the hair in the after pic down to the same length as the hair is in the before pics.

Also, do you have other before and after pics of other people who used the same treatment?

I understand your viewpoint.
Till now most gene therapy patients are those with early and/or diffuse hairloss.

Even graft count pictures are subject to doubt.

What I am getting is patients with hair strengthening, less/minimal hairloss and in most cases there is increased hair volume and growth (patient’s feedback).
This patient showed good regrowth when compared to before pictures as he had buzzcut.
Most patients (including ladies are not going for a buzzcut).

Nevertheless, I am collecting more data.
Will share more pictures and videos in near future.

In meantime, there’s no harm in maintaining a healthy epigenome. This may one day reduce the need for a hair transplant.
I have listed measures already. They will only help you.

Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

The patient fortunately got a buzz cut again.
We are all very happy with the results.

Please let me know if you want additional angles and videos.
comparison after 3 month  final

@Dr_Arvind will this work for women hair loss also?

Yes, it works for women, including post childbirth and postmenopausal hairloss.
It will work for female pattern hairloss.

Another picture showing the extent of benefit from the Gene therapy

@Dr_Arvind it looks like there is some thickening in the hair follicles but very hard to tell by how much? It is possible that it’s just the visual effect of hair growing longer in the after photo. Can your clinic do magnified before and after photo with hair count ? It doesn’t have to be for the entire scalp, maybe just over a 3cm x 3cm area??

@Dr_A_s_Clinic @Dr_Arvind can hair really grow that fast in 45 days???

3 Months update
These are some macro, close up pictures showing the progress.
Note the thick calibre/diameter hair growing in both the temple areas. These have sprouted over the past weeks.

More pictures
Right temple

Left temple

Gene therapy for hairloss - 3 Months update

@Dr_A_s_Clinic amazing !

Is it possible to buy your custom resveratrol grape seed serum? Do I have to have the procedure done in your clinic? Thanks.

My opinion…
I barely see any difference beyond what would be expected from the dermaroller alone *youtube search.
Suspect the dark tint from these resveretrol concoctions that you can see staining the dermaroller may act as a temporary tattoo effect, reducing the contrast between the hair and scalp.
If that’s the case maybe “Tattoo Therapy” would be a more accurate name.