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Hey Guys, How are you doing? Things are good here. My hair looks pretty darn good. I found a new supplement that might be worth some research. I injured my lower back a couple weeks ago and my doctor recommended a product called Genacol. He said that patients are having amazing results with it as it rebuilds collagen much better than glucosamine or chondrotin. Anyways I found a testimonial on the their website thats very interesting and hair being formed from collagen and all. Here is the video:


Select video #7. You may have to switch from French to English.





It’s been a while. Glad to know that your hair is doing well!


Sorry to muddle up these boards with side questions but…

I have injured 3 of my 4 major limb joints and have regular pain. Are you experienceing any reduction in pain that you can attribute to Genacol?



You still taking borage oil and handfuls of algae?