FUSE Hair Transplant Result by Dr. A (Dr. A’s Clinic) | A229- 4089 Grafts- 09 months update

FUSE Hair Transplant Result by Dr. Arvind Poswal (Dr. A’s Clinic)
A229- underwent total no. of 4089 FUSE/fue grafts- 09 months update
(Head= 2119 + Beard= 1970 grafts).

Comparison pictures

Beard grafts were also extracted for transplant to the scalp.
There is no visible scarring in the beard donor areas and the patient is happy with the healing and growth of the transplanted hair.
We expect further improvement in density (of recipient scalp area) in the next 3-4 months.

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How are you able to avoid white dots after beard extraction?

this is one of the nicer hairlines I’ve seen from Dr. A, it looks more natural when you don’t dense pack the hairline.