FUE Result from HDC Hair Clinic – 21 months after- 3300 Grafts

This is a 31 years old patient who wanted to add hair to the front third of his head. He visited Dr Maras in Israel, during the regular consultations that we offer there, and agreed to proceed with his FUE Hair Transplantation.

The patient had a decent donor, an empty area to the front and he is a prospect of NW class 4, but his top hair was still strong.

HDC Medical Team proceeded with front coverage with 3300 grafts as you can see in the post op photos. In the last 8 months he has been using our Finasteride and Minoxidil Gel land IPRF Treatments that makes his existing hair stronger.

We are presenting the photos of his result.

I addition to that, we present the post op photo of the donor and a before and after Comparison.

At HDC we believe that apart from a good natural result, the preservation of the donor is equally important.

Please do your research and choose a clinic that can give you a great result both is recipient and donor area!


Immediately after

21 months after