FUE repair Result after 6026 Grafts in two Sessions – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This is a very interesting case to present to this forum. This patient has an unsuccessful FUE procedure in Israel and then he was looking for a good Clinic on Repair work. He chose HDC and Dr Maras.

He had two FUE procedures:

1st one for 2325 Grafts

2nd one for 3701 Grafts

Total of 6026 Grafts

We will go through his 1st FUE to see the result and then see the 2nd one


Immediately After


You can see that we proceeded with a very conservative hairline so that we can manage his limited donor.

The patient was very happy with the result of FUE 1, and he wanted more hair. His priority was to lower the hairline and make it less pointed. You can see the design of the FUE2 hairline below and the post op photos below. We filled up the hairline and added hair in the top area behind the grafts placed in his first procedure.

Please note the donor post op photos taken one week after. You can see the fast healing and that the extraction of hair was balanced in in the entire donor area.

You can also see the donor 2.5 years after removing 6026 grafts. In addition to an unsuccessful FUE procedure in another clinic.

The result photos were taken by the patient who has posted his experience on the forums.

HDC Hair Clinic is offering state-of-the-art repair surgeries and Giga session transplants for over 5000 grafts in one visit, donor permitting.

Choose wisely from the first time!

Before FUE2

Immediately after FUE2

1 Week after FUE2

2.5 Years after FUE2