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FUE Max - The scientifically sound fue technique

A lot of people ask me about the merits of different methods. So, I have discussed in detail what I feel is the best way to perform fue so you get the best results.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. A

@Dr_Arvind great video but can you explain how is “untouched roots” being done at your clinic? How do you place the donor graft into my balding area without touching the graft?

Dr. Arvind, can you clarify something for me please? I see DHI has their No Touch FUE method, but according to your video it is not recommended?

Dear Omar,
I can speak about my technique but prefer not to speak about “Copyrighted” words of other clinics/companies’ methods.

Dr A

A very confusing video, your video said no touch is the ideal way to do FUE, I thought DHI implanter is the no touch technique so why is DHI implanter not recommended?

If you use an implanter, you will need to put the graft, (from the bulb to the top), on the metal part of the implanter. Then, you will push it into the intact skin or a pre made slit.

Either way, the root will get touched.
That is not difficult to understand.

Dr A

@Dr_Arvind FUE Max is not a new invention or technique, but a recommendation for safe FUE practice, am I right?

Not entirely correct.
FUE max is no doubt the safest technique.
However, we also focus on providing the best anti ageing and stem cell preserving and stimulating molecules (ranging from Resveratrol, growth factors, glutathione to senolytics like Fisetin).
This ensures the best growth as well as helps slow down/stop further hairloss.

Please do read the research regarding the use of the above molecules.
I have already posted research links.

Let me know if you have any questions or want me to repost the research links.

Dr A

Dear Norwood3,
Its without touching the root. We have to hold the graft from top, of course.
If you see the video, its not difficult to understand.
Dr A

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