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FUE Hair Transplant Results - Patient BBV - Dr. Cole - 2717 grafts


Our patient came to Dr. Cole’s clinic on January 10, 2017 for 2717 shaven Cole FUE (CIT) grafts after being disappointed by a low-yield procedure he had done by another doctor. His desire is to now focus upon the frontal area without lowering his existing hairline. Immediately after his procedure with Dr. Cole, our patient received sonicated PRP plus ACell and follicle stem cells. His donor area was treated with 30mg of ACell.
This is yet another example of early growth when using sonicated PRP after FUE surgery with our clinic.

  • The after photos were taken in May 31st 2017 by the patient using his own camera.


Very unusual hair loss pattern across the front, almost like diffuse thinning throughout the entire frontal area, not the typical norwood pattern we normally see in men


Why bother to mention the number of hairs/grafts, right?


i had a typo, it is 2717 grafts and i corrected it


Our patient is astonished for lack of a better word with his growth at 6 months. He was happy with his result a 4 months. He thought the 4 month mark may be representative of his full result, because of consistent early growth we are seeing when sonicated PRP is administered. We are coordinating schedules in order to shoot a video and take some high resolution photos. His hairline looks 100% natural and full. Our patient coordinator mentioned he has some very interesting stories about his previous surgery with another doctor and how he met Dr. Cole.

-Chuck Dr. Cole’s office.


Nice and impressive result!

Congrats and good luck going forward.



It’s a Norwood 3A. There is nothing unusual about this pattern. The lack of a result from the first procedure by another doctor is the only thing surprising in this case. We hit a home run with one pass. Of course, his donor area was fantastic. Donor areas are the key to any success. The real question is why can’t other doctors hit home runs with similar donor areas. I think it is because many doctors can only hit singles, while others simply strike out.


There is nothing complicated about achieving great results with a great donor area. I have no clue why some doctors find this task impossible.


I couldn’t get over the fact that his head was shaved in patches: the back, the front, but not the top. How did he go back to work with his head like that?

Wouldn’t it be better to just shave his whole head so that it looks more natural?


So if I understood well this is 6 months result correct?, in any case I would be happy with a result like that, congrats to the patient and the clinic :clap: :wink:


Good question, Wes. We did shave the entire head eventually prior to starting the procedure. I do the cutting in phases. We will either shave or do a no-shaven or unshaven procedure. When I work up a patient, I like to shave the head gradually rather than all at once so I can better plan the treatment we are going to provide in each session. As you note, this would be a ridiculous hairstyle to live with following a transplant.


Yes, this is a six-month result. I think we can post some immediately after surgery photos. There is no question that my cytokine rich plasma speeds up results and improves yields.


For 6 months the result looks excellent, the additional improvement in the next months will put the ice on the cake, well done.


High Escar. How have you been?


Hi doctor, everything goes well :+1:, cannot complain :wink:

Best regards


Video is available:


Super-Fast CRP, ACell, Follicle Stem Cell - 2717-Graft FUE Hair Transplant Result

His hair looks great! I want to know more how follicle stem cell is extracted and delivered. Can follicle stem cell be done alone without FUE?


How long did the whole process last for this guy? Can something like this be done in half a day at your clinic for 2000 grafts plus CRP , Acell, Follicle stem cell or does it have to be scheduled over several days?


Hi. It looks great. I have a question about your patient’s operation. Before implanting the follicules, did you shave his hair? Or did you do it with long hair? And do you have extra pictures after the follicules implanted?


Looks great and impressive for sure but the most important question is whether this super fast result be duplicated on other patients?