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Fue Hair Transplant Results - Ozge Ergun, MD


Fue Hair Transplant performed by Özge Ergün, MD - Before & After Photos

35 years old male-patient

1120 grafts - 1 hair (1120)
1225 grafts - 2 hair (2450)
910 grafts - 3 hair (2730)

In total : 3255 grafts - 6300 hair

Medications :

1 - PRP Injection - 4 times (Regenlab)
2 - Finasteride 1mg for 10 months



That’s all??? no graft count, no nothing, just a fancy pair of sunglasses to go along with the new hair :slight_smile:


We’ve updated. Thank you.


You know there is a class action lawsuit against finasteride …post finasteride syndrome.
Please google this information before starting on medications that have dangerous and irreversible side effects ranging from permanent impotence, suicidal thoughts, depression to name a few.


The dangers of finasteride are very real. For me it is mostly about elevated estrogen levels and gyno because of that. I just started taking DIM diindolylmethane and Zinc to reduce the conversion to estrogen, hope it will reverse some of the side effects.


You might try taking finasteride less frequently or stopping it altogether. It’s a bad idea to take other supplements to counter the effects of finasteride unless it’s supervised by an m.d.


The dangers are very real, you may like to view the lawsuit being conducted in Canada


I am sorry but I would expect to see more density and coverage after 3255 grafts!


Great result of FUE Hair Transplant