FUE Hair Transplant - Rahal Hair Transplant - 2672 Grafts (6133 Hairs)

This patient underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure in May of 2022 with Dr. Rahal, receiving 2672 grafts and 6133 hairs. The surgical details are outlined below:

Surgical Details:

1-haired Follicular Units (FUs): 367
2-haired FUs: 1264
3-haired FUs: 926
4-haired FUs: 115

Total Grafts: 2672
Total Hairs: 6133

Other pertinent information includes:

Recipient Area Size: 60cm2
Average Hairs per Graft: 2.3
Recipient Graft 44
Recipient Hair Density: 102
Hair Calibre: 48 Microns

At the time of the procedure, the patient was 30 years of age and had experienced gradual hair loss since he was approximately 27 years old. He began finasteride for approximately a year prior to surgery and he continued it post-operatively. He hasn’t nor doesn’t use Rogaine/minoxidil. His family history includes hair loss on his paternal side only, reaching a Norwood class Norwood 3.

The patient is very happy with his results but to date has not been able to return to the clinic for us to take our own photos. Thus, we are presenting before and surgical photos taken at the clinic and a few photos the patient sent in to show us his results.

See some of the patient’s comments and review below:

See his results below:

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