FUE Hair Transplant I Patient Testimonial I Dr Arslan

Dr Ameer Hassan from USA had his surgery with Dr Arslan.
2700 Grafts implanted to restore the baldness.
Dr Arslan performed the Sapphire FUE Method.

Wow!! Nice… FUE Hair transplant is best method for hair transplant. It is very popular method cause of no pain and natural result.

Thats not true. FUT offers more hair density than FUE. I hope youre not a hair transplant clinic believing this error.

What makes FUE better than FUT. It is not just about the density
-FUE doesn’t leave any scar, the graft extracted will leave very minimal White spot / FUT produces a long linear scar.
-FUE : the graft is extracted one by one so regarding to the donor area, the surgeon can get the number needed for implantation / FUT: The surgeon will perform the strip on the donor area Then the grafts number is limited.
-FUE recovery is more comfortable and the healing is faster.
-FUE is less painful than FUT
-FUE can be more selective in choice of hair used for Transplant as the surgeon will implant the graft one by one so he can control the path of the existing hair in the recipient area. With FUT: the surgeon will implant patch of skin so 20 grafts implanted together.
-With FUE, the result is more successful and natural than the FUT

You seriously need to do your research into the differences between fue and fut since youre info isn’t accurate.

FUE hair transplant is quite better than the FUT hair transplant. The results of FUE hair transplant is always better.

Again thats not true. Then why do people opt for FUT instead of FUE? Your research into this topic leaves much to be desired.