FUE Hair Transplant - 2660 Grafts (5593 Hairs) - Dr. Rahal

This patient underwent FUE hair transplant surgery in September of 2022 with Dr. Rahal. He received 2660 grafts (totaling 5593 hairs). His surgical details are outlined below:

Surgical Details

1-haired Follicular Units (FUs): 405
2-haired FUs: 1625
3-haired FUs: 582
4-haired FUs: 48

Total Grafts: 2660
Total Hairs: 5593

Other relevant information includes:

Average Hairs per Graft: 2.1
Recipient Graft Density: 43.6
Recipient Hair Density: 91.7
Hair Calibre: 50 Microns

The patient started experiencing hair loss around 21 years of age and was just about 25 at the time of his procedure. He has been using Rogaine for the last 8 months prior to his procedure and started taking finasteride following his procedure. He was still taking finasteride as prescribed 19 months after his procedure when we met with him.

Everyone on the patient’s mother’s side of the family kept a pretty full looking head of hair while members of his father’s side only experienced nominal hair loss ranging from a Norwood class 1 to a Norwood class 2.

The patient wanted a high density hairline (50 FU/cm2) but was ok with a more conservative approach of 40 to 45 FU/cm2 if Dr. Rahal felt that it was better to wait to plan for the future. Though his family history is a strong indicator that he won’t experience advanced balding, hair loss is unpredictable and it’s always better to keep a lot of donor in reserve, especially since the patient in young.

The patient is very happy overall although ideally, he wanted more density. But as discussed at the time of the consultation, density can be added in the future depending on how his hair loss progresses. But this way, he has plenty of donor hair in reserve for the future as needed.

Patient Results

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