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FUE Hair Restoration Results - Patient NNB -Dr. Cole/Forhair - 2200 Grafts


Procedure: CIT (Cole FUE)
Norwood Scale: Type 5
Additional Treatment: CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma), ACell
Norwood 3A
More information here: https://www.forhair.com/hair-transplant-patient-photos/patient-nnb/

Growth After 3 Months

Before and After


Really nice result.




Thank you, it looks so much better in person. i wish all patient allow full face but we have to respect the ones who don’t want to show it :slight_smile:


The 3rd pic from the top is also 3 months after surgery? Is it normal to look red or pink after 3 months?


This is a great question, EAS83. There is a cause for these pink bumps, a solution, and prevention. When we perform a hair transplant, we move hairs that are in the grafts along with the cells that produce the hair follicle. Remember that the hair follicle itself is dead. Following the transplant, the cells making hair follicles go into a resting phase. The stay dormant for about three months and then resume production of hair follicles. The original hair follicle is just a foreign body at this point. If the old, original hair follicle remains in the graft rather than fall out, eventually, the body will attempt to get rid of the follicle. The body does this by forming a pimple like a cyst just as your finger would create a red, tender spot if you left a splinter of wood in your finger. Once you remove the hair follicle, the problem is solved.

How do we prevent these tiny red bumps? Following your transplant, make sure you remove all the dead, original hair follicles from the grafts. You can safely begin doing this two to three weeks following your transplant. If the hair is not growing, the retained, dead hair follicles will come out easily. Plucking a live hair requires far more force, and you will usually feel pain when you remove a growing hair follicle.

What do you do if you get these bumps? Pop them and make sure you use a pair of tweezers to remove the old dead hair follicles. We sell an excellent pair of tweezers to remove hair follicles that are not growing. You can also use them to remove unwanted hair in your ears and nose. Women love them for their facial hair. You can purchase them from www.coleinstruments.com. These are great tweezers to remove non-growing hair follicles, and they are not expensive.

The redness is not a result of a transplant. The redness is due to a retention of hair follicles that ultimately leads to an inflammatory response by the patient. The inflammatory response is an attempt to get rid of the follicles.