FUE Eyelash Restoration Surgery by Dr. Umar

Although Follicular Unit Extraction is usually performed on patients with male pattern baldness, it can also be applied for eyelash transplant procedures.

This female patient of Dr. Umar’s had very short lashes. Her condition actually worsened from the use of lash extensions. She wanted to have naturally long lashes without the use of false cosmetic eyelashes or Latisse, which needs to be applied very consistently.

Here is an image of her before her eyelash transplant:

Dr.Umar extracted nape hair follicles using his uGraft device. These were inserted along the lash line.

Here is the patient four months after her procedure:

To watch the patients video, click here


Dr. Umar uses uGraft to extract follicles from the nape area on the back of the neck. UGraft is a surgical system that he developed which includes highly specialized punches to perform more advanced forms of Follicular Unit Extraction. These advanced tools are ideal for harvesting unconventional hair. Nape hair grows at sharp angles. And uGraft is able to accommodate this unique characteristic, allowing the follicles to be safely extracted.

The next step is to insert the grafts into the lash line through tiny slits. Hair shafts will fall out within two weeks to start a new growth cycle. These hairs become evident around 6 months. The patient’s results in this video are shown at 4 months. And continued improvement is expected to take place for about a year after her procedure.

Nape hair will continue to grow as they did on the back of the neck. Therefore, they need to be trimmed as needed. Also, since nape hair is usually straight, patients will need to manually curl their lashes to create a natural looking curve.

I am more interested in eyebrows, how much does eyebrow procedure cost for both eyes?

Hi, Chris.

Like any other FUE procedure, cost will generally be on a per-graft basis. We invite you to submit your situation and any goals you may have to Dr. U via our online consultation form - from there, we will be able to provide a proposal and answer any other questions you may have about an eyebrow restoration with the Dr. U Hair Clinic.

Thank you so much for reaching out. We look forward to learning more about you and your interest in the work we can do for you.