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FUE Donor photos - Dr. Baubac patients


A lot of people have emailed me recently for pics of donor regions of patient’s who have undergone FUE procedures.

The patients below had an FUE procedure with Dr. Baubac
click for high res images

When FUE is done correctly a patient can still where his hair short and the procedure is hardly detectable.

It is important to choose a doctor that has years of experience doing FUE Harvesting.

Dr. Baubac explains here why he does all his own FUE harvesting here: https://www.alviarmani.com/alvi-armani-beverly-hills/fue-harvesting-performed-by-dr-baubac/


This is absolutely critical. Donor halos (what ive been calling them) can happen with improper harvesting, damage to donor tissue during extractions, and compressed or extractions to close together. It is extremly hard to manage it and folks do see density differences in donor areas. These photos posted above clearly show result of proper donor extractions and experienced extractions.