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FUE Combination of Scalp and Beard – Before and post op – HDC Medical


This patient who is Norwood Class 6, wanted to cover the front and top of his head with one visit to HDC.
In order to facilitate this demand of the patient, we decided to offer him a combination Hair Transplant surgery for Scalp and beard.
We extracted 3750 scalp and 750 beard. We spread the grafts on his bald area as illustrated below.
The whole idea is to be able to offer high number of grafts without depleting the donor. This is why we avoided taking 4500 directly from the donor.
So you can see the scalp donor and beard donor of this patient post op and 4 days after. This proves that patients can have a good coverage without sacrificing their donor. Without donor depletions and scarring.
We have been receiving a lot to emails lately with patients seeking solutions from their depleted donor. Well the best solution is to choose clinics that care about your donor.
You can see more information on our article on donor depletion and scarring, on this link http://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/avoiding-scarring-and-depletion-of-the-donor-in-large-fue-sessions