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FUE Cases & Results - 32 year patient - 2723 Grafts - Dr. Christian Bisanga (BHR Clinic)


Check out these pre & post operation photos from a 32 year old patient who underwent FUE surgery by [B]Dr. Christian Bisanga[/B] at BHR Clinic. For the [URL=“http://www.bhrclinic.com/”]best FUE cases and results by the top FUE surgeon[/URL], consult BHR Clinic today.

[B]Date:[/B] June 2016
[B]FUE: [/B]2723 Grafts

1H: 526
2H: 1043
3H: 1009
4H: 143

[B]Age: [/B]32
[B]Type of hair: [/B]medium fine
[B]Medication: [/B]Finasteride 2 years
[B]Density:[/B] 90 FU:cm2
[B]Miniaturization:[/B] -


Isn’t 90 follicular unit per cm2 very high density?


Congratulations on your result! Looks fantastic!