FUE by Dr.Reddy - Grafts: 3211, Hair: 8066, Hair loss type: Norwood 4A

42 year old male with a 10 year history of hair loss presented to us
requesting a hair restoration procedure.

He was due to get married in 12 m and wanted to look his best. He was
assessed by Dr Reddy and he was counselled that a target of 3000
grafts was realistic from his donor as he suggested he intends to keep
his hair short at the back and sides.His hair loss was determined to
be closer to a NW4 A and progressing. His hair loss was stabilised
with Propecia and Minoxidil.

Because of the limited number of grafts and the client having a
particular hairline in mind, he was counselled that he has to
compromise on the density. The client took that on board.
3211 grafts were extracted using FUE technique.
The grafts were replaced strategically giving a denser look for the
front and gradually thinning as we progressed towards the crown.

Attached are the pics 9m after.