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FUE by Dr Reddy - 3211 grafts, 7309 hair, Norwood 5

This 23 year old male came to us with a 5 year history of hair loss. He explained that he had sought help at an early stage of his hair loss but was advised to use strand by strand technique. As a consequence, he lost a lot more hair due to the glue used in the hair piece.

On examination , he had a Norwood 5 pattern of hair loss & his donor area was reasonable.
Dr Reddy stabilised his hair loss with Propecia & Minoxidil over 12 months & he was advised to stop wearing the hair piece.

After extensive counselling, we booked him for a FUE surgery. He was advised against restoring his crown as Dr Reddy felt he needed to preserve hair for future work if any.

3211 grafts were transplanted over 2 days, yielding 7309 hair.
Attached are his photos 6 moints after. He is continuing Propecia though he has come off Minoxidil as he had compliance issues. He seems reasonably pleased with the progress so far.

23 is way too young to be doing a hair transplant.

What’s he going to do as his hair loss continues ?

His transplants will stick out like a sore thumb.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Freddie555[/postedby]
23 is way too young to be doing a hair transplant.

What’s he going to do as his hair loss continues ?

His transplants will stick out like a sore thumb.[/quote]

Generally speaking you are right but he is a class 5 already even at the young age of 23, he is destined to be a class 6 and I suppose the doctor already factored that into the equation when he operated on him.

23 is usually too young but it sounds like he is already a veteran of dealing with hair loss and his pattern is getting pretty clear.

If he doesn’t have any NW#7s in the family then this is probably a reasonably safe job as high-Norwood HTs go. He should still have several thousand donor grafts left for the back half of his head. Not enough to cover it well, but enough to thinly cover it and keep his head looking something like a natural pattern.

It’s a risk but not a terrible one IMHO. Even if the Finasteride doesn’t save enough of his hair a lot can happen during the rest of his life in terms of hair multiplication. 20 years from now it will be 2034 and this guy is still only going to be 43 years old.

Not getting an HT can also be a risk, as he is so young. Surely he won’t want to carry around a horseshoe throughout his twenties. If he’s on fin, and since he got FUE, he can probably buzz it down and still look fine.

That being said, I wonder why the clinic did not post top down view, and crown views of the patient.

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