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FUE by Dr Reddy - 1307 grafts, 3603 hair, correction work


30 year old male came to us requesting correction work. He had 3 FUT surgeries in the past and felt the density was very poor in the front.

On examination, he appeared to have a lot of scarring in the recipient area & we believed that it might have the reason behind the poor growth. It was also established that his hair loss was pretty stable and the only loss he ever had was the shock loss associated with the previous surgeries.

He was counselled that his yield might not be excellent because of the significant scarring.
1307 grafts were transplanted in 1 day yielding 3603 hair. Extraction was fairly straightforward despite the previous FUT scars, however placement was difficult due to a lot of popping.

Attached are photos 9 months after. He is happy with the outcome, though we believe a couple of hundred grafts will make it better. He is not on any hair loss medication