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FUE Ahd Clinic 2335 by Dr. Hakan DOGANAY


These are 12 months results from a 36 years old patient.

Graft Details
Single 902
Double 782
Multiple 651

Total 2335

for the operation we used CHOI IMPLANTER PEN technique with 6 and 8 mm diameters. adjusting With this technique the angles of the grafts is easy if a doctor has enough experience. Since we are very confident with our techniques(CHOI and FUE), we get very natural results as they can be seen from theresults we posted. http://www.hairsite.com/dr-hakan-doganay-hair-transplant.htm

*** We apply PRP Therapy to our patients for free.

***our price includes after care medicines, shampoo, PRP, accommodation, meals,transportation in the city (not the flight ticket) that our patients can feel
more comfortable during their operation times in Turkey.

For more information: http://www.hakandoganayhairtransplant.com