FUE Ahd Clinic 1700 Grafts by Dr hakan DOGANAY

These are 1700 grafts, after 1 year results.

Grafts Details

Single – 722
Double— 666
Tripple --312

Total: 1700

Grafts For the operation we used CHOI IMPLANTER PEN technique.With this technique adjusting the angles of the grafts is easy if a doctor has enough experience. Since we are very confident with our techniques (CHOI and FUE), we get very natural results as they can be seen from the results.

We apply PRP Therapy to our patients for free.

For more information: http://www.hakandoganayhairtransplant.com/en

Our price includes after care medicines, shampoo, PRP, accommodation,meals, transportation in the city (not the flight ticket) that our patients can feelmore comfortable during their operation times in Turkey.

Contact: turkey@ahdclinic.com



I am impressed by some of these Turkish doctors that came out of nowhere, they do some pretty damn good work, the artistic skills are certainly there!

Good pics, that’s the way to show off a pretty hairline.

Dr. Hakan Doganay gave an interview to Mr. Yates from United Kingdom. You can see how Dr. Hakan Doganay can change the angles of the grafts with Implanter Pen Technique easily in his experienced hands. You can also find more information about this special technique.

Please watch our video