FUE 5500 Grafts - Before and After Results - 12 Months - Vera Clinic

Hello everyone, I’m from Canada in my mid-thirties who has spent considerable time researching hair transplants. After thorough examination of numerous reviews and patient experiences, I made the decision to undergo a hair transplant in March 2022 with Vera Clinic. I opted for this clinic due to their expertise and impressive success rate, and many positive reviews from satisfied patients.

The pre-screening diagnosed my condition as Norwood type 4.

Here are some of my pictures before hair transplant:

I opted for the Diamond Sapphire package, and it included accommodation and conveyance to and from the airport. The surgical procedure involved the Sapphire FUE method, with around 5500 grafts transplanted to the frontal region. My initial assessment and surgery was on the same day. The donor area, crucial for a successful transplant, is where hair follicles are extracted. In my case, the donor area was healthy, and Vera Clinic team ensured the follicles were harvested without causing damage. Fortunately, the surgery was smooth, and I experienced minimal pain and discomfort.

First Day After Surgery:

For the post surgery maintenance, it was suggested by Vera Clinic team to purchase the six month package, which included hair serum, shampoo and multivitamins. The recovery phase was relatively straightforward, marked by some temporary swelling and redness that subsided within weeks. I was able to resume normal activities and work within a few days.

3 Days after Surgery:

10 Days after Surgery:

Around three months post-surgery, I noticed new hair growth, and by the six-month mark, my hair had significantly improved.

6 Months after Surgery:

9 Months after Surgery:

After 12 months, I am thrilled with the results, enjoying a full head of hair and newfound confidence.

12 Months after Surgery:

I enthusiastically recommend Vera Clinic for anyone considering a hair transplant. Their surgical skills and track record, coupled with excellent pre- and post-operative care and online support, have truly helped me achieve the results I desired.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of my hair transplant, and I credit Vera Clinic team for their expert and professional approach, enabling me to attain the desired results. I wholeheartedly endorse the option of a hair transplant for anyone contemplating it and Vera Clinic is one of the best options to consider.

22 months after Surgery:

I trust that my feedback will prove to be beneficial to those in the midst of considering a hair transplant.