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Frontal Hairline Augmentation and Temporal Restoration: 1900 FUE hair grafts at 15 months POST-OP -mid 30s 3v patient with dark brown hair


This mid 30s Norwood 3V patient has wavy dark hair of a coarse caliber and a fair skin complexion with below average donor hair density (sixty follicular hair units per square centimeter). The patient pursued Dr. Patrick Mwamba of Belgium for hairline repair and augmentation, temple restoration, and hairline recession. The patient had a bad hair transplant procedure in 2015 that resulted in poor growth and aesthetic quality prior to coming to MyWHTC Clinic in Brussels, Belgium. The unnaturalness of the previously transplanted hairline restricted the patient from wearing the desired hair style. After consultation with MyWHTC’s European branch, the patient decided to trust Dr. Patrick Mwamba and team to complete the corrective procedure and augment the frontal hair line.

In the three-day repair session, approximately 1,900 FUE / FIT hair grafts were utilized to restore adequate density to the frontal hairline and temporal regions. With small and fine hair grafts extracted via FUE by FIT at a calculated density, the new hairline design was created to better proportionate the patient’s characteristics and facial symmetry. At fifteen months after the corrective hair transplant procedure performed at MyWHTC Clinic, the patient is pleased. Below are fifteen-month photo comparisons depicting the before and after results.

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