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Free Open house/seminar - Dr. A\'s Clinic


Dear readers,
We have decided to hold free, no obligation open house/seminar on regular intervals.
In this “Open House”, prospective patients can visit the clinic and meet past patients who have already undergone hair transplants. They can also learn about the latest treatment options available.

In case they have already undergone hair transplants anywhere by outdated techniques, our doctors will educate them about what can be done to improve their situation.

The first such Open house was held on 26 September 2009.

Below is a short videoclip showing prospective patient meeting a past patient and discussing his options.

More videos and pictures to follow. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.


This patient was a NW 6 before he visited us.
His first HT was a strip FUHT (3000+ grafts) approximately 10 months ago at our clinic.
He chose a youthful hairline with total temple closure.

7 days before the seminar he underwent a further HT (FUSE method using grafts from the beard and scalp).

The following pictures were taken on 26 September 2009 and show

  1. the growth of the first HT performed 10 months ago as well as
  2. what the recipient and beard donor areas look like a week after transplant.


This picture is the immediately post op after 2nd hair transplant???


» This picture is the immediately post op after 2nd hair transplant???

No. This picture is 1 week after the 2nd transplant.


How many beard grafts were used for him in the 2nd hair transplant?